The Popeyes Bahamas Franchise is owned and proudly operated by brothers Chris and Terry Tsavoussis. From 2015, this strategic duo has led a team of talented professionals, created job opportunities, while paving the way for Popeyes success amongst competition. Together the team has accomplished record breaking restaurant sales, opened additional restaurants, and added exciting menu offerings like “The Chicken Sandwich” with positive same store sales.

What Makes Our Food Different?

At Popeyes, we are proud of our food and heritage. That’s why we have followed the same recipe for nearly 50 years.

We Are Rooted In Tradition

Our Louisiana roots influence everything we do. Our cuisine is rooted in Cajun & Creole traditions. We carefully source each and everyone one of our ingredients. Our food is freshly prepared: our chicken is marinated for at least 12 hours, battered and breaded by hand, then slow cooked to perfection using our proprietary frying process.


We are big-hearted, proud, spirited, and soulful.
We put our food first.

We celebrate differences.
We do it with love.
We don’t do bland.

We do things the right way.
We live it up.

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